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Trinity Lutheran Church

Proclaiming the Love of Christ to Calmar, IA


Love for others is to be a hallmark trait of Christians. At Trinity we hope to teach from God's Word how to love and then to actually live it out by His strength. 

At Trinity we offer worship and Bible Studies for all interested individuals. No one is excluded and all are encouraged to join us for our activites. 


One of the main instructions given to the leaders of the church was to be able to teach. Leaders are also commanded to equip the saints so that they can also carry out the work of the minsitry, and this exactly what our skilled teachers desire to do. 

Coming to our services should be a time of worship and fellowship, but also of mental strengthening. Sermons are understandable but yet stimulating to the mind with respect to accurate doctrine and implication.



Lutherans are Christians who believe that all Christian teachings should come from God’s Word, the Bible. We believe that the Bible is God’s Word. This means that everything the Bible teaches is correct and true. We believe that it is only through the Bible that we can know the one true God – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – and His will for our lives.

Lutherans believe in God’s grace.

All people are sinners and would perish eternally without God’s help. The good news is that God has provided all of this help as a free gift. God’s saving grace is His undeserved love for all people through the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. God loves all people, of every nation and race equally. It is God the Father’s desire for all people to hear His Word, to believe in His Son, Jesus Christ, as their only Savior, and therefore to have eternal life. Jesus lived a holy life in our place and died on the cross for the forgiveness of all our sins. Through this completed work of Jesus, God the Father sees the whole world as not guilty, or justified. This teaching of “justification” is the central truth of the Bible.

Who we are

Trinity Lutheran Church has been serving the city of Calmar, IA since 1944. We began worshipping in our own building shortly after becoming a congregation. We have, since the 1940s, served the city of Calmar with God's Word and sacraments and would love the opportunity to serve you also. 

We would love the oppurtunity to make your acquaintance. 

If you would like to take a 'virtual tour,' please feel free to check out our video: